Saturday, May 23, 2009

Purple Scarves on the Loom

I had a few minutes to wind a warp one day, then wind onto the loom and thread the next day. For warp I used three fine threads twisted together in different purples. I wound some flake cotton with some tencel too but that just wouldn't wind on so I gave up and will use that for warp. I have a couple of pictures if I can figure out how to post those. I don't think I wove many scarves last year so I'm having to totally restock for this fall. So far I've done a series of five brown scarves 8" x 70" plus fringe and four tencel scarves 6" x 70", in blue/purple/mineral green/rust on a varigated warp with all of those colors. I really liked the green one and usually green wouldn't be my pick. We worked on the Weavebird this morning, re-doing some of the threading, then fired her up and "tried" to weave. I had get my trusty mechanic down here and he finally figured out that some of the cords were twisted in the mechanism and thinks He will have to tear it apart and re-do them. What time frame that will get done in is anyone's guess. It's a good thing I have other looms to work on. I have a placemat/tablerunner warp on the Schacht 46" and have woven 4 blue placemats and 4 purple ones for an order. Now I'm doing a black and white table runner. It's a pattern I've never done before, called "Upholstery from Finland" out of the Davidson book. I really like the pattern, it can either be done in blocks or stripes. I have done both and like the stripes best, especially since they are easier to do, I don't have to remember so many treadlings. Well I'll sign off for now, and see if I can put pictures up of the purple warp, first purple scarf on the loom and the black and white runner on the loom.

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