Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm Back....I think :)

I can't believe it's been over a year since I've posted. So many things happening in my life with family and friends. All is well at the moment and I'm praying that will continue to be the status quo. I have retired from most of my transcription business to have more time to weave, play with polymer clay and beads. So far it seems I'm busier than ever !

The best news is that I will have a one month show at the Kentuck Gallery in Northport, AL. I have exhibited at the Kentuck show for over 20 years and this is their 40th year anniversary. I will go to Kentuck on September 1st for the opening of my show then back again the third week of October for the 40th annual Kentuck show. It's the best show in Alabama that I know of with people comng in from all over the country. They have been written up in many magazines including the Smithsonian as a great Folk Art show. I'm excited and hope I have enough inventory.

Better sign off now so I can get some weaving done. My husband had what was almost a heat stroke this week and I've been busy going to doctors and nursing him. We go on vacation to the mountains next week which is a well deserved time of rest for both of us.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April- Pollen Filled Days Weaving continues......

I've had a trouble getting to this site to post as I changed an e-mail address somewhere and locked myself out, but I"M BACK! Hasn't this pollen been awful this year? I'll be glad when it's finished so I can see and breathe again. I am down to three days a week transcribing for my main account so have more time to weave, YEAH!

I've been busy weaving for a show May 1st at the Jules Collins Smith Museum at Auburn University. I've been using some of my handpainted yarn for warps to weave some lighter colored scarves in purples, greens and whites. I have finished a warp of four red V-shawls and am now working on a warp of three purple v-shawls, on the last one. I had three different purples and mixed them in the warp. Each shawl will have a different weft thread of one of the three shades of purple and so far I am loving them. Mother's Day here we come! I still have orange and blue houndstooth on the littlest loom, black and white houndstooth on the Mighty Wolf (I'll never put that much warp on again)and I'm getting pretty tired of both of them but I'll have my stock ready for October. I'm am still in the learning phase of the Weavebird. I did manage to get it warped for the second time, easier than the first time but still too time consuming. I have a white bamboo warp on with a very intricate pattern and wove one pattern and then it started messing up, so I have been "unweaving" it to start over. So much fun! Can't wait to get all the kinks ironed out on this loom. I have found a group of Weavebird Owners on line so can ask questions of them when I get stuck.

Come to the Museum on May 1st. It's a Family Day with demonstrations by a quilter and potter that I know of. Betty Kimble a wonderful quilter and Jerry Brown a famous potter will be there. Last year it was inside the museum and there were some wonderful things for sale. This year we will be outside in a big tent. I rather liked being inside with the airconditioning, etc. but I think that was because it was raining and they couldn't put us outside. I'm praying for cool weather for at least that day :) Back to weaving, see you later!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Musings

It's hard to believe I haven't posted since Thanksgiving. Christmas came and went then New Year's Eve when I had time to weave, finally, I got sick and spent the first part of the New Year in bed.

Over the last few weekends I have been able to get the looms warped. The Wolf Pup has more Orange and Blue Houndstooth scarves. I finished one today to photograph for Etsy. I've got a multi-red warp on the 45" Schacht for V-shawls. I finished the first shawl today and started a second with a very soft, fuzzy red yarn from Hobby Lobby. The Mighty Wolf is ready to be warped with black and white alpaca for 8" Houndstooth scarves. I had a brown striped warp on the Mighty Wolf and had so many problems with it I finally just "cut" my losses, literally. In another two weeks I will be able to weave on Mondays and Tuesdays. I have lots of weaving to do this year.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Auburn Houndstooth and Sarah's first weaving experience

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is Coming!

I can't believe that it's almost Christmas and the end of yet another year. I have had such a successful year that I am basically starting over with my weaving inventory. I had a jewelry party last week and ended up buying weaving too! It's a good thing and a bad thing, because it takes so long to get things woven for Kentuck. One great thing though, as of February I will be cutting back on my transcription so I hopefully will be able to weave more (theoretically speaking). I'll be off Saturday through Tuesday on my main account. However I will still have my other two accounts that I usually end up working on during the weekend. Another announcement: as soon as my daughter gets pictures taken I will put some things on Etsy. Lately I have been weaving houndstooth in orange and blue thanks to Sarah. Those have sold very well and I'll be putting on a new warp soon. I also need to start some more alpaca black and white houndstooth. I'm glad it's fun to weave houndstooth. I have a brown alpaca on the Mighty Wolf which I am really not liking to weave. So far I've tried three different patterns and haven't liked any of them. It's what I call a "dog on the loom" (an alpaca dog this time). I've started winding a red warp for V-shawls as I have only four V's left, three pink and one gold. They are a staple and I haven't done any for a year. It's time. Red always sells, also need to do a mixed warp using up small cones of yarn using black or other dark colors as a warp. I always have more ideas than time and/or energy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kentuck is over

Well, Kentuck has come and gone and was great. It was cold, windy and muddy but it was well attended and I estimate that we sold two-thirds of our stock. We sold all but one of the black/white houndstooth scarves and two of the alpaca shawls (and I traded one for silver/dichroic jewelry). We didn't even need many bags because people wore what they bought.

I warped up the Wolf Pup last weekend with the first blue and orange Houndstooth scarves. They are made from Perle cotton and if I say so they look pretty good. I still have tencel shawls to weave and some brown alpaca scarves on the Mighty Wolf. Sarah worked on one of those at fiber group on Monday. The warp seems a little sticky. I hope to play with the Weavebird and weave off the rest of the warp on it and then put on white bamboo to make some baby blankets. So many ideas, not enough play time!