Sunday, November 29, 2009

Auburn Houndstooth and Sarah's first weaving experience

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is Coming!

I can't believe that it's almost Christmas and the end of yet another year. I have had such a successful year that I am basically starting over with my weaving inventory. I had a jewelry party last week and ended up buying weaving too! It's a good thing and a bad thing, because it takes so long to get things woven for Kentuck. One great thing though, as of February I will be cutting back on my transcription so I hopefully will be able to weave more (theoretically speaking). I'll be off Saturday through Tuesday on my main account. However I will still have my other two accounts that I usually end up working on during the weekend. Another announcement: as soon as my daughter gets pictures taken I will put some things on Etsy. Lately I have been weaving houndstooth in orange and blue thanks to Sarah. Those have sold very well and I'll be putting on a new warp soon. I also need to start some more alpaca black and white houndstooth. I'm glad it's fun to weave houndstooth. I have a brown alpaca on the Mighty Wolf which I am really not liking to weave. So far I've tried three different patterns and haven't liked any of them. It's what I call a "dog on the loom" (an alpaca dog this time). I've started winding a red warp for V-shawls as I have only four V's left, three pink and one gold. They are a staple and I haven't done any for a year. It's time. Red always sells, also need to do a mixed warp using up small cones of yarn using black or other dark colors as a warp. I always have more ideas than time and/or energy.