Friday, October 9, 2009

Kentuck is coming...

I've been busy weaving houndstooth scarves and haven't gotten very far on the tencel shawls. Not much time for weaving but like it or not Kentuck will soon be here. A funny on me, I wove one houndstooth scarf double the size needed. It hung to the floor and beyond on me. We'll have to cut it in half and hem both of them. I've been requested to weave some houndstooth in Blue and Orange WAR EAGLE! Those will be next on the Wolf Pup. I have another alpaca warp on the Mighty Wolf, camel with dark brown stripes, may throw in some white in some of them. Kind of a window pane pattern. I hope to get at least a couple done before Kentuck.

Good news, we finally got the Weavebird going. I haven't gotten to weave on it much but will play more after Kentuck. When I get the practice warp woven off, I'll have to learn how to warp it differently than I do the other looms. I do enjoy weaving on her though.

I entered a contest sponsored by Schacht Looms for the 40th Anniversary. My entries were one of the "Fire" tencel shawls. The other was a bamboo table runner. They had 400 entries (spinning, weaving, and videos). Out of those they chose 158 as finalists to send their articles in. I was in the finalist group with the shawl, but didn't make the final cut. I think about one-third was chosen altogether. I was happy to be a finalist. I hope they put the winning pieces on their website.

We are having a great time in our fiber group. I hope to meet the mothers of our two Auburn students. They both happen to be Home Ec teachers in different parts of the state. Hopefully they can come to our group while they are on a school break. I get more weaving done on Monday nights than the rest of the week.

Tomorrow is Saturday, have to start tagging, pricing and packing but hopefully will get some weaving done also.

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