Monday, August 3, 2009

Table Runners off the loom, Tencel Shawls on...

Instead of working on the Houndstooth scarves this week I decided to weave off the placemat warp making looooonnnggg table runners with a thicker yarn so I could have heavier runners and get finished quicker. I did one in yellow cotton that was 104" long on the loom. I'll have to measure it after it was washed, dried, ironed and hemmed. The next one was a varigated yarn in fall colors about the same length. The last one was shorter and I used a blue yarn that I have a lot of, in different colors so I could see how it works up. I'm not sure what the yarn is but it works well as a table runner though it had a lot of extra dye in it so I had to rinse it several times until the water was clear. Now I am hemming them by hand. Saturday I started winding an 8 yard warp for three tencel shawls. The main color is a varigated tencel named "Fire". It's a red/yellow/rust yarn and I can't wait to see what it looks like woven. I am almost finished warping after working on it Saturday and Sunday. It is 24 ends per inch, 20" wide so it takes a lot longer to prepare.

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