Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blue is through!

I breezed through the blue scarves , listening to books on tape, weaving each one with a different weft. Monday I wound spools for a black and white alpaca warp, put it on the loom and threaded it Tuesday and Wednesday. I have been listening to a book on tape called "The Friday Night Knitting Club" which was a fun read. Last year after weaving two Houndstooth scarves of alpaca and the rest in stripes, I found out that Bear Bryant wore Houndstooth and everyone at the University of Alabama loves it! Why didn't someone tell me that years ago??? It also happened to be back in style again last fall. I started weaving houndstooth scarves this evening. They require 20 ends per inch which is 40 spools to be wound. The other scarves I have been doing have had around 10 ends per inch with larger threads and are done in plain weave. Houndstooth is a twill pattern, changing from black to white every four throws of the shuttles, using two shuttles instead of one, so it is a more complicated pattern. Alpaca is a wonderful yarn, soft, warm, waterproof and what I use is from Peru.

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