Saturday, June 6, 2009

Purple Scarf Warp is History here comes RED!

The Purple Scarf Warp is finished. The warp is three different fine purple acrylic yarns twisted together on the yarn twister/ball machine and the lighter purple cotton flake yarn. The first weft was the same acrylic material as the warp. The other four scarf wefts were two different purple flake yarns from Mo Purl Company (Auburn, AL) and a varigated tencel from Webs (can't remember the name of it), that has rust/green/turquoise/purple in it. They all have a very nice “hand” and I’m pleased with the results. Now to wash, dry and trim the fringes not to mention photographing, name tags and pricing.

Now I'm getting ready to do a red/black warp. I have some very fine red/black acrylic that I'm mixing with a fine red rayon using the yarn twister/ballwinder (thanks to Nannette who inspired me to start using it again to ply fine yarns together to create a completely "new" yarn). This will be warped with some plain red warps in a heavier rayon. I'll do enough for five scarves which will all be a little bit different so I don't get bored.

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